LVL Lashes – natural lashes for your wedding day

by | Sep 27, 2020

Natural lashes, strip lashes, individual lashes, there are so many options for your wedding day, but what if your looking for a natural finish or you cannot get on with the false lashes. LVL Lashes maybe perfect for your bridal look…


Mascara is a staple; it is usually on the list of three desert island products. It is a go to… because it gives your eyes instant definition! It makes your eyes look open, less tired, the whites of your eyes whiter and it enhances your lashes by making them appear longer, thicker, and darker in colour.

But can you honestly say you have a mascara that does everything? The thing I really struggled with was finding a mascara that lifted and held the curl of my lashes throughout the day. I know I am not the only one, I was so tired of having straight lashes. No matter which eyelash curlers and mascara I used, the lift and curl of my lashes would not last the entire day.

I considered lash extensions, but I wanted a natural finish and something that would not damage my natural lashes long-term. Three years ago, I tried the LVL lash treatment and I have never looked back. It is amazing!


So, what are LVL lashes?


LVL lashes = Length Volume Lift

What more could you need for your lashes?!


Developed by Nouveau this treatment enhances the lashes you already have; no extensions are used! The treatment consists of perming and tinting your lashes giving them the lift and definition with a natural and subtle finish, that lasts around 6-8 weeks!

LVL Lashes
LVL Lashes
LVL Lashes

What do you think… How amazing are the results?!

The treatment consists of four steps, the first is what takes the longest, and rightly so, as this is when the lash artist applies a shield across the eyelid and arranges the lashes into place with a bonding gel. The shield is chosen after a consultation so the artist knows the desired finish you would like and the condition of your lashes. It will determine how much of a curl your finished lashes will have.

Another gel is then applied to fix the lashes into their new volumised shape, followed by a tint to add further definition.

The guard and shield around your eyes will be in place for the duration of the treatment, it is not uncomfortable. It actually feels good when they are peeled off at the end, like an eye lift hehe!

Here are a few other points about the treatment:

  • The treatment lasts around 45 minutes to one hour
  • It does not hurt at all! You can chat with the therapist or have a peaceful relaxing hour. Z Z z z z
  • Depending on your location and salon, pricing will vary, I pay £40.
  • You need a patch test, even if you have had your lashes tinted before. Ensure you have a patch test so there are no reactions to the treatment.


TOP TIP – – – > Shower and wash your hair before your treatment. One of the main aftercare advice points is to not get your lashes wet for 48 hours. This is to ensure the lashes have fully set after the appointment, so you get the best possible finish and longevity of the treatment.

After the treatment you will have lashes that you did not know you had, you will be fluttering them everywhere you go ha!

The tint does fade naturally over the weeks, but the lift and curl stays put, so eventually you will need to wear mascara again with the rest of your makeup. I do not usually need to for the first couple of weeks. It really does depend on the amount of makeup you wear, and the desired finish of your makeup look you like. There is no right or wrong, I love the treatment for the lift and curl which lasts for at least six weeks! This leads me to…

TOP TIP NUMBER 2 – – – > Research your possible lash artist, ensure they are fully qualified by using the Nouveau website.

Read reviews for the artist and salons. I tried three different lash artists until I found one whose treatment truly lasted over the six weeks and the finish was just perfect.

My lovely lash lady is Jenny from Beauty Post in Scarborough.

So… how does this link with wedding makeup?

I specialise in natural bridal makeup, I do offer strip lashes as a part of the application however, understandably these can be too much for a desired makeup look for some brides. The LVL lash treatment is a perfect option for a bride looking for a natural finish for her eye makeup look, something that will still offer definition and can be enhanced further with waterproof mascara.

Bride Shelley enhanced her LVL lashes further with a smoky liner. This thickened the lash line making her natural lashes appear fuller along with the lift and volume of the treatment. Plus, she still had beautiful curly lashes for her honeymoon too!

Last photograph by Richard Wood Photography.

LVL Lashes for natural wedding makeup

If this sounds perfect for your bridal makeup look, for your North Yorkshire wedding, please contact me to check my availability for your wedding date. 

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